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Rubens Gomes

Hello! My name is Rubens Gomes, I am a passionate software engineer with 27+ years of professional experience.

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Career Highlights

Work Experience

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Senior Architect / Developer - IT Applications

American Airlines
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Working on Squad-Based Agile team focused on the development and delivery of cloud REST Java/Spring Boot microservice applications to process the reissue/reval of passenger airline tickets.

Has played lead role designing and implementing the Ticketing and Receipts department CI/CD builds, DevOps, microservices and key libraries.

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Software Engineer IV

Cisco Systems
Research Triangle Park, NC

Engineer in the Cloud Virtualization Group responsible for the Cisco Prime Performance Manager (PPM) network performance management application capable of managing up to 100,000 devices and 9.7 million interfaces.

Developed the Cisco PPM north bound RESTful web service to allow customers to retrieve networking performance data in JSon, XML or CSV. Wrote the PPM REST API document.

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Senior Software Developer

Appia Inc. (Acquired by Digital Turbine, Inc.)
Durham, NC

Appia Inc. (formelly known as PocketGear) acquired Handango in 2010. Handango was the leading AppStore provider of smartphone applications globally selling mobile apps for personal digital assistants and smartphones.

Developed Vodafone India RESTful web service to integrate with Vodafone Billing and retrieve Appia ID based on incoming user’s MSISDN number. Application developed to run on Tomcat7 making use of Spring IoC, Spring/Hibernate transaction, JPA/Hibernate and RESTeasy APIs and HTTP connections.

Developed company's Mobile App Store server-side web based template engine used to implement the partner stores. Developed Appia AppStores for Opera, Zedge, Vodacom South Africa, Vodafone India & Egypt, Myxer, Opera, Iusacell (Mexico), Mobily (Saudi Arabia), Digicel, AMX Claro.

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IT Application Architect

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reviewed internal project specifications to ensure compliance with company's SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) reference architecture. Participated in company IT transformation project to consolidate and integrate existing OSS (Operation Support Systems) and BSS (Business Support Systems).

Project managed proof-of-concept (POC) order management layer project to capture and provision customer orders for landline fixed voice, Internet ADSL services, and mobile lines on Siebel 8 CRM. Interacted with software vendors, created list of tasks to be evaluated during POC and helped manage project activities.

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Senior Software Developer

Handango Inc. (Acquired by PocketGear/Appia Inc. in 2010)
Irving, TX

Developed Mobile App Stores for BlackBerry RIM and Sony-Ericsson. Redesigned Mobile App Stores code to separate actions and validation logic from back-end business service components.

Developed account and credit card payment consumers of SOAP/WSDL web services. Developed WebTrends analytics to collect web site E-commerce statistics. Developed ATG droplets/form handlers/services to allow users to switch mobile devices.

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Senior Software Developer - Contractor/Valtech

American Airlines
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Developed ATG Dynamo Nucleus servlet pipeline component used to block user's attempt to input malicious data in POST or GET HTTP requests. Participated in the maintenance of running on ATG/Dynamo.

Developed Ajax Javascript and Struts/Java classes to allow user to login to his/her AAdvantage miles account in the Reservations - Book flight – Select Flights page. Developed Javascript and JSP to display internationalized messages (English and Spanish) on AJAX driven pages.

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Senior Programmer Analyst

EDS (Acquired by HP in 2008)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Worked in off-shore maintenance and enhancements to Verizon IntradaPro phone order entry system. Made changes to JSP and Struts classes in VoIP shared trunks management web based application. Worked with Ajax code based on the Java/DWR (Direct Web Remoting) toolkit.

Developed UNIX shell script and SQL code to extract data from Oracle database tables, and transfer over SSH/sftp to external UNIX server. Task implemented as part of integration between local order entry and telecommunications back end systems.

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Project Manager - Contractor / H2M Soluções

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Played a technical lead and project management role in the implementation of new payroll system: FolhaSoft (Brazilian software). Defined the interface specifications to integrate the FolhaSoft Oracle employee database and the SAP R/3 PS (Project Management) module mini HR master. Worked with HR (human resources) staff to gather user's requirements and to provide a technical focal point in the implementation of integration interfaces between Payroll and Accounting/Financial systems.

Interacted with internal HR, technical staff and outside software vendors, planning/scheduling tasks, arranging meetings, and helping resolve technical issues related to the integration of systems, and recommissioning data from mainframe systems. Coordinated plan to recommission legacy mainframe system. Kept higher management informed of project status.

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Senior Systems Manager

Diveo Broadband Networks (Acquired by UOL in 2010)
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hands-on technical manager responsible for all the telecommunications NMS (network management systems) applications for the company in Brazil. Assisted the Network Operations Center by resolving issues related to UNIX, databases and NMS applications. Defined/implemented/enforced technical and operational standards on UNIX servers.

Oversaw ongoing administration of high-availability UNIX systems, including monitoring, proactive maintenance, system server backup/restore, problem resolutions, configuration of DNS, NTP, NIS and NFS. Interacted with NOC (Network Operations Center) to diagnose problems related to company's IP/ATM/Frame Relay network management systems.

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Software Development Engineer

Fujitsu Network Communications
Raleigh, NC

Developed the data model persistence layer of the FETEX 150 ATM NMS application. Developed EJB entity bean components making use of JDBC connections with Oracle. Wrote JNDI caching mechanism for EJB home reference objects. Installed Oracle server, and developed UNIX shell scripts to create database, users (schemas), table spaces, tables and grants.

Wrote software high level specification documents containing unit/system test cases, use case design scenarios, class diagrams and architecture of the data model and persistence layer of the FETEX 150 EMS system. Wrote white paper comparing Clearcase and CVS software control management tools. Participated in the implementation of CVS source code control directories, and software build (Makefile) process.

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Software Engineer III

Sprint Corporation
Overland Park, KS

Participated in the full-cycle software development of Sprint's Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame Relay wide area network SNMP CNM (Customer Network Management) agents.

Developed the C++ configuration management module of the ATM and Frame Relay SNMP customer network management proxy agents. Retrieved data from Oracle using Pro*C/C++ and Versant OO DB using C++. Made extensive use of Purify to help detect memory access violations and memory leaks in C++ code. Used SNMP “C” toolkit library from SNMP Research, Inc.Conducted system tests of SNMP agents using HP-OpenView SNMP MIB browser.

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Programmer Analyst III

Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, MO

Member of the MDI (Medical Device Interface) development group. Developed “C” programs to interface clinical laboratory instruments with Cerner's PathNet laboratory system. Wrote software installation / technical support documents, and basic medical device operational procedures.

Conducted tests of medical device interface software at hospital labs. Demonstrated operation of medical lab device application to clinical lab technologist. Provided on call production support (24x7) on the operational medical device interface software.

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Student Mainframe Programmer

The University of Kansas Computer Center
Lawrence, KS

Conducted routine maintenance of COBOL, and IBM Mark-IV programs at the request of management and university departments. Wrote JCL (Job Control Language) to submit batch processing jobs to run on IBM VM/MVS mainframe and IBM IMS database.


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MS in Electrical Engineering (Thesis)
Lawrence, KS, USA
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BS in Computer Engineering

Lawrence, KS, USA

Technical High School Diploma - Electronics

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

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